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Nick and Erica have over 32 years combined experience in business operations and cleaning...

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Customer Testimonies

Here is what our Clients have to say about Clean Right Company.

Regularly, Clean Right Company sends Customer Surveys to all of our current customers requesting feedback on our services.  Of those that responded to our survey;

  • 100% say they are Highly Satisfied with the services we provide to them,
  • 75% say we rate Somewhat Higher to Much Higher in comparison to our competition,
  • 100% say they are Very Likely to Continue using our services and...
  • 100% say they Will or Have Recommended our services to others.

Clean Right was also rated from 1 to 5 on the following attributes:

*1 being Well Below Average and 5 being Well Above Average
Customer Service - 4.5
Dependability of Service - 4.5
Professionalism - 4.2
Quality of Service - 4.2
Value of Service - 4.0
Understanding of Customer Needs - 4.2

"I could not be happier with your services. Over the years I have worked with many different individuals and companies. You are the best by far and your rates are very fair for the quality of services you provide." ~Paula, Maid Service Customer

"You ladies did a FABULOUS job...I was so excited to see how extensive and detailed you were in the housecleaning. Can't believe how awesome the master shower looks, and all the floors, the counters and blinds and EVERYTHING (you even folded my clothes on my dresser:) What a wonderful feeling to see how clean it is and know I don't have to find time to do it or let it go and feel guilty....Please tell the other gals how much I appreciate it--great job! You made this overstressed, overworked gal very happy. " ~Danielle, Maid Service Customer