Clean Right Co. is a husband and wife team that's been in business for 19 years. We had both worked in the construction field, as laborers. When things got slow for the companies we worked for, we would get laid off. I had worked, for a couple of years, for a cleaning service that specialized in new construction cleaning prior to being a laborer. During an extended lay-off, I decided to start my own cleaning business, since that's what the contractor I was working for had me doing most of the time since I had experience. I figured it would be something to keep me busy during the lay-offs and perhaps eventually become my only source of income; and it worked! I don't think I ever went back to working for the contractor, as their labor. Eventually we got so busy that we had to hire staff and the rest is history!

Both my husband and I grew up having chores and "Saturday Morning Cleaning" was required in our homes. In my home, if it wasn't done right, you would have to do it over, so we all quickly learned to just do it right the first time! Then, as an adult, I worked for a cleaning service that did new construction cleaning. The work was hit and miss and the owner was very unorganized and not very ethical (she wouldn't pay us the wages required by the state on certain jobs known as prevailing wage and she didn't pay the company's portion of employment taxes), so she eventually went out of business. I learned a lot about what not to do in business, at that company. I learned to keep my jobs organized and to be ethical in my operations. I always pay staff on time, even in the beginning when funds were tight. We would go without before I made them go without. We don't try to short them on pay, give them raises as they are earned and treat them with respect. We have some great staff that have been with us for a long time. We just celebrated a 5 year anniversary with one of our leads and our other 2 leads have been with us for 17 and 10 years.

When you call our company you speak to one of the owners, not a call center in some other region. We also customize your service to fit your needs. We offer a standard service but will add any task that you want complete, whether it be occasionally or recurring. We provide a thorough clean every time, we don't "rotate" tasks as some of our other competitors do. Each year our team and owners cook breakfast/lunch for the families at the Ronald McDonald house that houses families with children who are in our area getting medical treatments. Our goals for the future would be to gain more recurring cleaning clients so we can add more cleaning teams to our roster and have more jobs getting complete per day.

Our company and teams care about your home and family. We are there to provide you with a service you can trust so you can focus on spending your free time with your family & enjoying life.